The Alchemists

Alchemy in Imagery is the creative outlet for a ragtag group of artists that believe that the world of magic, fantasty, surreal, and epicness will always hold just as much allure as an adult as it did when we were kids. 

Ongoing Cast Members

(In No Particular Order)

Kathy Gfeller

This woman has worn more hats in the Alchemy world than anyone.  Beyond being part of the original shoot that got Alchemy off it's feet, she's been our muse for years, modeled in many of our shoots, did some of our craziest makeup, and helped design sets & costumes.  Her makeup artist page can be found at Kathy Gfeller Makeup.

Emily Kramer

Emily is the badass dress maker that jumped in with both feet and said "let's go create another universe together".  There has never been a time that we have brought a project to her and have her say "I don't think that's possible"... she always dreams as big as we do, and strives as far as we do.  When we started Alchemy, we often thrift shopped costuming due to simple necessity.  When Emily came into the fold, that all changed... we had a clothing master at our service and we couldn't be happier!  See more of her here: Emily Kramer Designs

Jennifer Yates

We met Jennifer a few months into Alchemy's conception.  We had been only really doing shoots when we could either be in a city with Kathy or she was in town with us, we just didn't have that makeup artist that fit the bill and could believe in the vision withot her around.  That was, until we got a message from Jennifer saying she was new to town and looking to find some creatives to work with.  We got together with her and our new modeling friend, Melissa Denton... and that's when it all clicked.  We had found our home-base team!  You can learn more about Jennifer here!

Ambur Rose

Ambur was one of the last pieces of our base Alchemy team to get brought into the fold, but holy cow - her work is intricate, breath-taking, and simply gorgeous!  Her postive spirit is infectuous and we're beyond thrilled that she wanted to take part in our visions!  Take a few minutes, visit her site, and drool as much as we do: Ambur Rose Jewelry

Classic Cherry Productions

We began working with Orley and her crew years ago as part of our Twig the Fairy shoots, but when we started doing Alchemy shoots, Orley was very quick to shift gears, jump in, and start dreaming with us!   Dawnfelice's daughter, Iola, is the child you'll recognize in many of our Alchemy shoots... she plays the role of "The Dreamer", but we'll get to her more in a bit.  Classic Cherry's specialties range from pinup, to horror, to bodypainting, and quite a number of other realms... so it only makes sense that they fit right in with us here in Alchemy!  Classic Cherry Productions

Rachel Holland

Rachel has been with us since pretty well the beginning of our project also.  She's been the most job-assigned person short of Kathy.  One shoot she's handling makeup duties, another she's sourcing clothing, but the spotlight that she beyond thrives in is set design.  Our best sets (the ones that we've even heard compared to something off True Detective's first season) were the brain child of Rachel.  I can't even begin to tell you how it all works up in that noggin of hers, but it's a beautiful mind moment where we tell her the vibe of what we want, set her free, and come back to more than we could have imagined!

Dani Burke

We first met Dani years ago during a Twig shoot and fell in love with her charisma and poise immediately.  Years of being friends and realizing how much we shared a love for all things magical, mystical, and other-worldly - it just made sense to ask her to bring her talents into our world.  Dani most notably was brave enough to come out to our house in the countryside with far less than safe roads just to partake in a show shoot with us one winter... and we love her all the more for it!  Dani Burke - Model/Singer

Iola Warneke

Iola is the modern day Shirley Temple... this little girl packs a WHOLE LOT of personality, dreams, and gumption into her little self!  Her mom is part of the Classic Cherry creative team, so she gets it honest.  For all of Iola's shoots, we are channeling how magical it is to dream as a kid (both in sleep and during the day)... we find her in a wealth of situations and other worlds in the role of "The Little Dreamer".   With that, the possibilities of where she goes are only limited by our own imaginations!  Iola Warneke

Melissa Denton

We were given the name of this spitfire by her sister, a fellow photog.  We were told many, many good things and I have to say - they didn't prepare us for how much we enjoyed working with Melissa!!!  She can jump in with any scenario we throw her and act as if she had been practicing for that part her whole life!  Melissa Denton

Sarah Corkill

Sarah is our soul sister from another mister.  She's been on as many last-minute, random trips as anyone, and has always been the first to throw her hand in teh air when we ask for a willing participant with this idea or that!  You'll never find her uttering a negative word, and quite frequently doling out hugs.  Get you some Sarah Corkill!

Allie Causin

Allie was the very first person to take part in an Alchemy shoot.  She's play the part of a bird lady, a mermaid, and has quite a few shoots already in the works that will capitalize on her dance background!  She's one of those people we have to see every trip we make up to MN to create art and be surrounded by those who get us!

Guest Stars

(Equally awesome, we just get to play with them less)